EDC Charette


The American Institute of Architects sponsored a design charrette in San Antonio. The 4 square mile area of study, near the West side of San Antonio, has been plagued for many years with poverty and environmental degradation. An urban plan was developed and a series of architectural guidelines were created that look at restoring this once thriving predominately Latino community. Apache Creek, which bisects the study area is proposed to be turned into a cohesive linear park. Multi use developments and new open spaces are weaved along the creek with special emphasis on increased densities of development.

The team developed several prototype plans for courtyard housing, single family and a series of buildings that would line the sides of new plazas. Care has been taken to reflect the historical urban character of the neighborhood. The public realm was considered as being paramount in terms of the success of the project. Prototypes were created for street entourage (i.e., bus shelters, lamp posts, sidewalks, traffic circles, etc.) that look at making the area more walkable and therefore more liveable, thus honoring the traditional social practices of the neighborhood.

EDC Charette EDC Charette EDC Charette

Location: San Antonio, Texas
Client: The City of San Antonio