Holy Cross School


A new master plan for a new co-institutional religious educational campus located on property adjacent to the existing all male school campus. Additional property was purchased by the private catholic school, to re-orientate the campus to the community, enhancing the High School presence and service to the adjacent community, while renovating the existing school facility for Junior High School curriculum.

The new school facility design was based on a formal mall/lawn along the front of the new school facilities, allowing a park-like presence to the community and allowing for intramural sports activities to held away from the athletic complex. New facilities included shared common spaces to be used by both men and women students, but with separate classrooms to maintain the traditional parochial school environment.

New facilities included a High School Wing, Jr. High Classroom Wing for both men and women students, a common/shared Cafeteria, Kitchen, Library and Science Laboratories. Other new facilities also included an Administration Wing, a new Field House, Gymnasium and a new Multi-use Community Hall and Chapel Bldg.

Holy Cross High School Masterplan
* Architect of Record, Thom Robey, Sprinkle-Robey Architects

Location: San Antonio, Texas
Client: Holy Cross School