The new 5,600 square foot City Hall and Police Station for the City of Olmos Park involved the delicate combination of multiple programmatic functions within one building. The small municipality housed their City Hall, Police Station, and Council Chambers/ Courtroom within one building, thus requiring specific attention to access control and security while designing a building that was inviting and open to the public.

The proposed facility creates an appearance, design layout, and identity that embraces its function and invites the public to participate in the process of activities contained at these public buildings. Robey Architecture worked diligently with the City to ensure that the design met their needs, worked within their budget, and promoted the new identity that Olmos Park wanted to convey to their residents and the surrounding communities.

The City of Olmos Park is a small municipality which provides many community services from a very small space. This public building incorporated spatial design considerations that required creativity in space planning to ensure that every space provided flexibility for multiple uses. The sharing of these multi-purpose spaces created a building that ultimately satisfied all of their programmatic needs while limiting the overall square footage of the building and the total construction cost.

Olmos Park City Hall Olmos Park City Hall Olmos Park City Hall Olmos Park City Hall Olmos Park City Hall Olmos Park City Hall

Size: 5,600 Sq. Ft.
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Client: The City of Olmos Park